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babble babble bitch bitch....

the gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender shitlist
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welcome to glbt_rants, the place for those in the glbt community to rant about whatever's on their mind without having to worry about catching shit. this is the place where your opinion will be heard, appreciated, respected and made love to. so enjoy.

sadly, there are a few rules. gotta do this so i don't get sued.

1. NO FIGHTING. if you even participate in one, you'll be banned from the community.

2. NO RACISM. not only is it disprespectful, it's just annoying to read.

3. NO BASHING OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS. you've got a right to say what you think, and so does everybody else. if you don't agree, just don't read the post.


5. adding specific journals is also allowed. for example, if you came across a particular LJ that you truly hated, feel free to write it down. it'll be added to a list.

say hello to your friggin mod. walmart_punk

Journals to Hate/Avoid/Report:

so, get to the complaining already.