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i've been meaning to update here.

it's starting to really get to me how:

1. people think gays are more promiscuous than straight people. i don't see how that's true, when a straight guy's considered whipped if he doesn't cheat on his girlfriend.

2. people, pre-adolescents and teens in particular, feel like in order to be accepted, they need to have some kind of anti-gay agenda. like they won't be cool if they support gay rights. it's a little sickening.

3. nobody seems to be able to tell me WHY exactly homosexuality is so bad. i've heard "it's in the Bible" but WHY is it so bad in the Bible? WHY does God think it's such an abomination? WHY does He hate it? and WHY can't i get a straight answer on this?

i'm gonna assume that's enough out of me.
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